Piotr is a PhD candidate at Jagiellonian University, specializing in GIS. In his research, he works with machine learning methods for extracting information from archival cartographic and remote sensing materials. He is a member of the HES-GEO Land Use team.

At the end of November, Piotr Szubert from the Land Use team spent a week at Salzburg University. The title not only refers to one of the best-known rock ballads of all time but also describes the end of November in Salzburg.

Puddles on the narrow streets of the old town were reflecting the light of the first Christmas lights while the wind was blowing the raindrops straight into the face of anyone who would decide to have a walk in those conditions. All above made it a great time to spend hours doing scientific work on campus.

Why Salzburg?

Salzburg, known for being the birthplace of Mozart, is also the home of Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg, an excellent quality research centre. Crucial for Piotr was to have the opportunity to discuss his ideas with Dirk Tiede and Martin Sudmanns, creators of Salzburg’s spatial Data Cube.

During his stay, Piotr also shared ideas about teaching deep learning in GIS with Florian Albrecht from Salzburg’s Spatial Services GmbH, a GIS company located on Salzburg’s University Techno-Z campus.

Buildings at the campus in Salzburg.

“It’s hard to believe how productive one week’s stay could be. I had a great opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss my research issues with experienced scientists. I am sure that this experience will benefit me in the future,” comments Piotr.

It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to get from Krakow to Salzburg by night train through Vienna, reducing travel emissions.