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What is hesgeo.blog ?

This page documents the journey of the HES-GEO project. All the herein published news, interviews, columns or reports demonstrates the “the behind of scene” of building Center of Excellence in research of human-environmental systems with geospatial and earth observation technologies.

As the goal of the HES-GEO project is to enhance existing research capacity, it is crucial to focus on a diverse array of training activities that will help research teams overcome various challenges and communicate the journey as such. This blog thus helps to increase HES-GEO overall visibility and establish research- and stakeholder-oriented networks, supporting the sustainability of the future actions of the Center of Excellence.

This blog is an opportunity to communicate central aspects of the HES-GEO research interests in a short format relevant to a broad audience. It provides worthwhile insights into current research developments and hidden processes behind research results, such as the everyday difficulties and barriers researchers face or the human side of academic research.

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What we do

  1. Training young post-doctoral and early career researchers in academic sofskills and geospatial and EO technologies;
  2. Setting up research teams at the Jagiellonian university supervised by our experienced partners whose goal is to develop and submit competetive researc proposal;
  3. Establishing Center of Excellence (CoE)

Who we are

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 826 025.