The short post is about one of the HES-GEO foreign visits to give you a glimpse of the main activities carried out in Berlin.

The Social Processes and Urban Resilience Research Team visited the Humboldt University of Berlin from 1 – 24 June 2022. Magdalena Miśkowiec together with Katarzyna Gorczyca, the team members, participated in individual consultations, training courses and meetings with supervisors and research teams. Their supervisors of the visit were Dagmar Haase and Tobia Lakes from Humboldt University.

The team closely cooperates with researchers from the Humboldt University of Berlin. During a long-term stay in Berlin, they discussed and developed the idea of the common grant proposal. The visit to Berlin allowed learning about innovative urban solutions in the field of green spaces, ecology, and citizen participation. And because Berlin is a very dynamic city that could be marked as a “living lab”, Magda and Katarzyna visited many city parks, community gardens and former industrial areas to fresh inspiration for further work.

Besides the individual research stay of Magda and Katarzyna, Humboldt University organized training for other young researchers from the Jagiellonian University to expand their skills in GIS software and PPGIS application. You could read posts about this event here.

Indeed a fruitful collaboration. As Magda Miśkowiec sum it up: “It is a meaningful experience for a young researcher to be able to cooperate in an international, academic environment.”

Kasia and Magda in front of wall with graffiti