On 2.3.23, the second session of Centre of Excellence Talks was held. The guest was prof. Volker Radeloff, the head of Spatial Analysis For Conservation and Sustainability SILVIS LAB, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Prof. Volker Radeloff is passionate about understanding how human activities and climate change affect the natural world. For that, he focuses on the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS).

Naturally, we jumped into our second talk to discuss details on how to work with satellite imagery.

Volker Radeloff showing presentation.

Part of our debate was centred around the article Statistical inference for trends in spatiotemporal data” that prof. Volker Radeloff co-authored.

The article points out that remote-sensing datasets provide a powerful tool for detecting patterns in global change analyses. However, existing methods are not practical for such large datasets. A new approach called is thus suggested and discussed in the study.

Center of Excellence Talks are meetings organized by our Human-Environmental Systems Research Center. The “Talks” will be held with various experts not only from the field of environmental and social research but also those experts whose skills are beneficial for research and academia.

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