Ewa Grabska-Szwagrzyk, a member of the HES-GEO team, made it on the list of the Geospatial World 50 Risings Stars. Find out more about her research!

Have you heard the news?

Geospatial World just dropped their list of 50 excellent geospatial enthusiasts, and guess who made the cut? Our member, Ewa Grabska-Szwagrzyk!

She is one of the newbies but already making waves with her innovative ideas and fresh perspective in geospatial science. Let’s give her a virtual high-five!

Kudos to Ewa!

Ewa is a flexible early career researcher and is always ready to broaden her horizons. In academia, she is finding new approaches in the geospatial discipline. But that is not all. Besides that, she also focuses on popularising remote sensing and earth observation.

In her research, she digs deeper into machine learning. In particular, Ewa uses machine learning for satellite image analyses. Recently, she has used Sentinel-2 satellite imagery to make the first national-scale classification of tree species.

Regarding scientific popularization, Ewa is curating one of the most popular Facebook pages dedicated to satellite imagery in Poland called “Polska z Sentinela” (Poland from Sentinel) and “Z orbity” (From the orbit). There, she shows various landscapes from Poland and outside, addressing critical environmental issues and explaining the observed features.