Being an excellent researcher does not come only with breakthrough findings but also with the ability to write papers that get published. The first series of “Centre of Excellence Talks” offers some insight.

“Centre of Excellence Talks” is a new series of meetings organized by our newly established Human-Environmental Systems Research Center. The “Talks” will be held with various experts not only from the field of environmental and social research but also those experts whose skills are beneficial for research and academia.

Who and When

Our first host to open the “Centre of Excellence Talks” is dr Jasper van Vliet, a member of the editorial boards of Regional Environmental Change and Journal of Land Use Science.

“The Writing papers that get you published” session will offer fresh insight into the never-ending writing and publishing process and will be online on 23.2.2023 (link to the meeting).

> Take advantage of our takes on writing!

As stated above, writing is a crucial part of the HES-GEO project. Check out our further entries on that.

> To leave academia and become the writing guide, an interview with Anton Froeyman

Leaving academia to teach others how to write? What caused such a change, and was it challenging? That is the story of Anton Froeyman, our guide through the academic writing training we took in Leuven. That we covered, among others, in the following interview.

> Grant writing experiences

We have asked grant holders across the HES-GEO teams about their experiences with grant writing. Read their answers by following the article.

> “Publish or perish” – training in Leuven

Bearing in mind the sentence “publish or perish”, the HES-GEO research teams chose to survive and participated in the course “How to Get Published: Scientific Writing” between the 6th and 7th of June 2022. During two days, we learned how to make good publishing success and hold on in the tough world of science.

> Leadership and grant-writing skills workshops

The HES-GEO research teams participated in leadership and grant-writing skills workshops for early-career researchers between the 8th and 11th of February 2022.

> Let’s stay on track.

If you’re starting 2023 with the resolution to stay caught up with the writing, this post is precisely for you. But don’t worry, we will not tell you how