Read another story that documents how HES-GEO enhances research quality. This time, Anastasiia Derii went to Z_GIS department at the University of Salzburg and passed crucial milestones in PhD research.

Anastasiia Derii is a PhD student focusing on the river formation in the Carpathians and is involved in the HES-GEO project. In her research, under the Subsurface erosion by the soil piping team, Anastasia went to Salzburg University for a visit to start her new journey in Python Scripting.

Where to start?

In her work, Anastasiia uses morphometric analyses to examine the difference in relief in the north and south slope of the Carpathian massive. However, Python Scripting for data calculations is required for this type of research, which was her primary motivation for 1 month’s stay in Salzburg.

Streamlining the work

Under the supervision of prof Dirk Tiede and dr Sudmanns, Anastasiia finished a script that is an essential part of her PhD thesis.

“Starting part of my analysis is the creation of watersheds for later morphometric analysis. Watershed creation can be done manually. However, for 100000 watersheds, special program creation is in need. During the stay, I managed to write the script to allow me to create such watersheds,” Anastasiia commented.

Profile picture of Anastasiia Derii