A new partnership with Silesian Food Bank aims to challenge food redistribution.

This is how we could sum up the recent progress of “Zero Waste” team. We are happy that from now on, we won’t be alone in unpacking the problem of reducing food waste. Silesian Food Bank plays a crucial part in reducing food waste, which is also a core topic of our current research.

While the food waste problem might seem straightforward, it has many dimensions. It is not only about raising awareness to prevent the issue first but also understanding how the redistribution of potentially wasted food could be improved. This brings our research in front of various struggles connected with the political, social and economic dimensions of the problem. Challenging them with the Silesian Food Bank through joint action will be fruitful for all involved parties.

Never heard of the Silesian Food Bank?

The Silesian Food Bank is a non-governmental organization that operates in the territory of the Silesian Voivodeship and belongs to the Federation of Polish Food Banks. The Silesian Food Bank was established in 2001 and, until then, with great determination, helps more than 45,000 poorest people in need.

What does that help look like?

The bank provides, for example, a hot meal to almost 5,000 primary school students via various social organizations and institutions: canteens, community centres, night shelters and homes for the homeless, educational centres, orphanages, and other institutions that help people in need. The bank also supports seniors, adults, and children with food.

But that is not all. The Silesian Food Bank also carries out its mission through aid activities and promoting attitudes to prevent food waste.